Read the articleSign up for updatesRead this New York Times article that features Footsteps’ work to ensure parents are able to have agency over their children’s education, and the bias and barriers they face from ultra-Orthodox communities.
Read the New York Times article in EnglishRead the New York Times article in YiddishSign up for updatesRead this New York Times investigative report about how yeshivas leave students completely unprepared for life outside of the yeshiva walls. Footsteps supports its members to fill the educational gaps with 1:1 educational and career counseling, volunteer tutoring, and educational and vocational scholarships.

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Have you seen One of Us? Were you moved by the stories of Etty, Luzer and Ari? Please make a donation to Footsteps, the only organization in North America that assists people who wish to leave or explore leaving ultra-Orthodoxy. Our services help members to not only survive, but thrive in mainstream society. In some cases, we literally save lives.


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Whether you are considering leaving the ultra-Orthodox community or have already begun a new life in the secular world, there is a place for you at Footsteps. We offer programming and resources for people at any stage of the journey. We also welcome formerly ultra-Orthodox people who would like to help others considering or actively making the transition.

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Most of our programs are for members only. If you are interested in attending but are not a member, you can join here. For a listing of all our programs, click here.


If you are interested in learning more about the experience of leaving ultra-Orthodoxy, please check out our resources.

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If you want to learn more about what life has been like for those who left ultra-Orthodoxy, there are a lot of resources for you to discover here.

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Is someone you are close to going through a religious transition? Find advice, thoughts and resources here.

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Want some general information about those who have made the transition? Click here.

Who We Are

Footsteps is the only organization in the United States providing comprehensive services to people who have chosen to leave their ultra-Orthodox communities and begin new lives. Based in New York, Footsteps provides a range of services, including social and emotional support, educational and career guidance, workshops and social activities, and access to resources. Thanks to Footsteps, former ultra-Orthodox Jews have a safe, supportive, and flourishing community to turn to as they work to define their own identities, build new connections, and lead productive lives on their own terms.