‘Hasidic Rebel’ Shulem Deen on Leaving Orthodoxy and Losing His Children, By Julie Wiener

April 8, 2015 – Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Footsteps is featured in a Q&A with Shulem Deen and JTA

JTA: I know you’re on the board of Footsteps, a nonprofit that helps people leaving the haredi Orthodox community to make the transition to the secular world. Is there an increase in the number of people choosing to leave?

Deen: Footsteps represents anywhere from 10-25 percent of the people who leave, and the number of new people who come each year is rising steadily. The fact that many of us are writing and publishing, this gives those who leave somewhat more prominence, and people within the Hasidic community are not oblivious to this, especially people who are thinking of leaving. We have people in medical school, getting master’s degrees, a nice number of lawyers. It’s becoming a community that has people doing things in the world, and that serve as something of an example that defies the old stereotype of the OTD [an acronym for a term that means ‘œoff the path’] person who’s lost, dysfunctional, has no home, no friends, gets involved in drugs and takes up with a bad crowd.

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