The Journey Out: Peril And Promise In Leaving The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish World, By Talia Lavin

May 21, 2015 – The Huffington Post

Shulem Deen’s first steps away from Hasidic Judaism were in the direction of a radio. Defying his community’s express prohibitions against secular media, Deen waited until his wife and children were sleeping. Then he leaned in close to the small tape player in his home — the one whose radio he hadn’t had the heart to disable. He turned it on and began to listen.

‘œI switched the dial from one station to another, commercials for medical malpractice attorneys, car dealerships and department store blowout sales filling me with forbidden pleasure,’ Deen wrote in his recently released memoir, All Who Go Do Not Return. ‘œI was like a visitor from a different era encountering our modern one, captivated by its very mundaneness.’

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