Camp Footsteps: Register Today!

Every summer, Footsteps packs our bags and heads out to the country for a camping weekend. This annual community event is an experience you don’t want to miss! Camp Footsteps will be a chance to get outdoors and have fun in nature, hang out with old friends, and meet new Footsteppers. Register today to join us!

This year, Camp Footsteps has moved to a new location! We will be escaping the heat to summer camp–Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY! At this new location we will have access to acres and acres of hiking, time for swimming and boating in the lake, options for arts and crafts, and more. And there will be comfortable sleeping accommodations (bunking indoors or tenting outside), with real bathrooms and showers!

Camp Footsteps starts on Friday, July 28 and goes through Sunday, July 30. Footsteppers can come up for both nights, one night, or just a day.

Highlights will include the campfire on Friday night,  our annual talent show on Saturday night, and maybe even a dance party.

We’ve grown as a community and outgrown our previous camping location. So we are moving to a larger, more comfortable, and slightly more expensive location. At Kutz Camp, you can choose between two lodging options:

  • Outdoor Tenting (you still get indoor bathroom and shower access)
  • Indoor Bunking (in a shared bunkhouse with a group of fellow Footsteppers)

There will be options for family housing, both tents or bunkhouses.  Footsteps has space for up to 150 members to come to Camp Footsteps.

Camp Kutz runs an unhechshered kosher-style kitchen. The regular option will follow their standard catering. They offer accommodations for a variety of dietary restrictions. Footsteps will provide lunch and dinner on Friday; breakfast,  lunch and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Accommodations are available for  vegetarian, vegan, gluten free,and dairy free eaters. We will also have snacks at hand.

For kosher food we will be ordering from nearby vendors.

Camp Footsteps aspires to be family friendly! The camp has a lot of fun activities that parents and kids can partake in on site. We will have some designated kid swimming hours at pool. We will also provide limited babysitting for parents.

During off times parents are responsible for caring for their own child(ren). We also encourage parents to organize group activities together, and we can help support those activities. If you want to help with kid and family programs, email Sarah, our summer intern, at: [email protected].

At this new location, the cost to Footsteps for each participant is $200. This accounts for lodging, activities, and fully catered meals. We understand that this cost is very high for the vast majority of our membership, so we are subsidizing the costs of tickets down to $85 per participant. As with all Footsteps events, price should not be a barrier to participating!

On the registration form you will be asked to select the amount you can afford to pay. You can then choose to pay with credit card when registering or by cash or check when you get to camp.

Footsteps does not want price to be a barrier for ANYONE. If you are able to contribute a little extra towards the full cost of the camping trip– to the Footsteps Camping Fund– it would be much appreciated! You will have the option to do so in the registration form. If you contribute to the Footsteps Camping Fund, your donation is tax-deductable and you will get a tax-receipt.

URJ Kutz Camp is located at 46 Bowen Road, in Warwick, New York. Carpooling is encouraged for those who are driving! We will be sending out a Google Doc with contact and travel information of those who indicated that they can provide rides for others. You may look at this document and contact someone in your area if you are in need of transportation.  If you are available to drive others please indicate this on your registration form (parking is available).

There is also an option to take public transportation. You can take a bus from Port Authority NYC to the Warwick Bus Station. This round trip bus ticket from the Port Authority costs $30. Footsteps will arrange pickups from the Warwick Bus Station.

Additionally, Footsteps is considering arranging a bus from NYC to UJR Kutz Camp for $37 round trip. If you are interested in the shuttle bus option, please let us know in your registration form– we will only rent the shuttle bus if enough people want to participate.

Registration Process
In order to come to Camp Footsteps, you have register in advance, even if you plan to just come for the day.  You must complete the entire registration form which includes a legal waiver statement in order to attend any part of the camping trip.  Each person participating must register separately — you cannot register a group. There is an option to register for someone else (like a family member).

READY? OK, register here!