Core Values

The following Core Values articulate the culture that Footsteps strives to create on three levels that the organization functions: with our members, internally, and externally.


  • We honor personal choice; respecting diverse lifestyles and maintaining individuals’ safety and privacy as they build self-determined lives.
  • We listen and learn from others, valuing different opinions, beliefs, working styles, expertise and approaches.

 Inclusive Community

  • We build and model a diverse, accepting community that supports self-expression and allows people to lead lives that are true to themselves without imposing personal beliefs and practices on others.


  • We promote authenticity and transparency, owning our responsibility and considering the impact our actions have on others.


  • We affirm individuals’ rights to determine the course of their own lives.
  • We create opportunities for our members and staff to engage with and contribute to the organization in exciting and meaningful ways.
  • We take responsibility as a force for positive change in the communities and arenas in which we work.

Continuous Improvement 

  • We value reflection and constant learning.  We take stock on a regular basis, celebrating accomplishments, identifying assets, and exploring areas for improvement so that we can live and work with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Footsteps is committed to promoting a safe and hospitable environment for events where everyone who attends is treated respectfully. Click below to read our guidelines in support of this commitment.

Respectful Space and Safe Events Guidelines