Nechama’s Story

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I tried to avoid an arranged marriage for a long time. Then finally, I could no longer say no. My parents found me a match who I could not imagine spending any time with, let alone the rest of my life. I became desperate. In fact, I decided to kill myself. I purchased some rat poison and hid it away in my bedroom.

Around this time, I saw an article in the paper about Footsteps. I wasn’t sure whether to believe what I read, but I called and told the social worker my story. It was such a relief to find people who actually understood my situation and who wanted what was good for me.

Thanks to Footsteps’ support I was able to think clearly and come up with a plan. In order to save my family face, I went through with the marriage. A few weeks later, I went to a rabbi and told him that my husband and I could not consummate the marriage and it was annulled.

Once I was free from the marriage, I joined Footsteps. They helped me go to school. I also started showing my art to people and, for the first time, it was appreciated.

In those early days, I found so much comfort at Footsteps. Whenever I was overwhelmed, I would go to Footsteps. For the first time I shared my story with others. But I didn’t even need to talk; just being there and being surrounded by the other members and the staff was good. It was amazing to find people who were there to listen and help because they cared.

Footsteps literally saved my life.

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